What are the benefit of motorizing interior window curtain?

Motorized window curtains provide convenient solutions for day-to-day living. With Somfy products, you can experience a better quality of life and have more time to enjoy life’s daily pleasures. Tasks such as adjusting hard-to-reach window coverings, controlling glare or protecting valuable furnishings from the sun are now simplified. At the touch of a button, window coverings can be instantly adjusted to changing activities or the varying sun conditions.

Why should I choose to motorize my curtains?

You will save time and money and make your house safer. Time, because you will no longer need to raise and lower all your curtains by hand. Money, because you will make considerable energy savings through the automated control of openings according to weather conditions. You also gain on the security front. Even when going out for a short time, you will no longer hesitate to close your curtains, because you can do it with a single "click" on your control unit. What's more, with automation, you can activate your curtains and lights to simulate your presence

What does RTS mean and is it reliable?

It’s the abbreviation for Radio Technology Somfy®. This is a wireless home automation control system by radio waves, using a remote control, or sometimes a switch. There’s no risk. This secure radio protocol has been perfected jointly by Somfy, the world standard of reference in operating the openings in the home. RTS is an advanced technology that has been developed and tested according to the strictest criteria

What type of warranty do Somfy products have?

Somfy offers end product suppliers a 5-year warranty on all motors and controls. Specifically, Somfy warrants its motors and controls to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal and proper use for a period of 5 years commencing with the date stamped on each product. If the Somfy product fails within this 5-year period, we will repair or replace it free of charge through your end product supplier.

Does Somfy sell Blinds or motorized blinds?

Somfy has a good range of blinds motors. However, we don’t offer it online. A variety of Motorised blinds are offered by our partners. We can provide you with their contact details for further support. If you would like to motorize your curtains, we can do a free survey visiting your home. Would you be interested/would you need any help on blinds, please contact our partners which can be available on

Are curtains and fabrics for the motors offered?

No we do not offer fabrics for curtains. Every person has a different taste for the fabric and we recommend you visit one of your neighbouring curtain shops to touch and feel and select the fabric. We offer the curtain motors & the tracks together with the installation. We can recommend the length of the fabric based on which you can buy from a curtain shop.

Can Somfy motors fit any type of curtains?

No, the product does not include Ripple fold or S fold curtain racks. During the site visit, our professionals will tell you how much more you need to top up base on the length of your curtain track.

What is the difference between 1.IRISMO 35 RTS, 2. IRISMO 35 WIREFREE RTS and 3. IRISMO 45 WIREFREE RTS ?

The only difference between the IRISMO products are the battery life, weight it holds and the type of wiring.

  • The IRISMO 35 RTS holds 35KGs, and is powered through an electrical socket. The cable is connected to a plug point which will be assessed by our professionals during a site survey.
  • The IRISMO 35 WIREFREE holds 35KGs, has a 3-month rechargeable battery and is wire-free.
  • • The IRISMO WIREFREE 45 is a wireless product - it is battery operated and you don’t have to worry about having a power point nearby the window. It has a 9-month rechargeable battery.

What is the TUBE NC50?

The TUBE NC50 is a lower cost alternative to the IRISMO 35 RTS but it will not be compatible with the smart devices like Mylink/ TaHoma (both IRISMO 35 and IRISMO 45 are compatible with Mylink as well as TaHoma). Compared to TUBE NC50, the IRISMO 35 has a faster speed and less sound.

What is the lead time for installation?

The lead time for installation is 3 to 5 days after the consultation and confirmation of the measurements are taken by Somfy team. Somfy will do the complete installation for the motorisation.

What is the track length for Somfy IRISMO WireFree35/Somfy IRISMO 35 RTS?

The package includes a track length of up to 4m. If a longer track is needed, we can build it up to 6m (additional charges would apply).

Can Somfy’ s products support more than 1 track with a single motor?

Unfortunately, there's no technology in the market that can support more than 1 track with a single motor. In your case, since you would need a larger quantity of motors, we would recommend you purchase the TUBE NC50 which is our most affordable motor.

Does Somfy have any promotions?

Please register for future promotions at store.somfy.com.sg to subscribe for all Somfy promotions and updates.

What is Tahoma and MyLink?

TaHoma and Mylink are smart phone applications that allows you to control your curtains and set a timer using the app. Mylink is a simple device that turns your smartphone or tablet into a remote control for Somfy’ s motorised products. Tahoma is the older version of Mylink which works same as Mylink. They can connect upto 5 motors if required.

Does Somfy IRISMO 35 RTS need anything to work with Tahoma One? Can Fibaro HC Lite be integrated with Tahoma One?

The Somfy IRISMO 35 works directly with Tahoma One. We would help you set up / configure this. If you have a Fibaro HC, you could check with Fibaro on this. Our offer does not include integration with home automation system. However some home automation devices are able to to do and it is left to the home automation company to configure/set this up.

How many RTS products can a Mylink control?

A single Mylink can control up to 5 RTS channels. A channel can be a single motor or a group of motors. If you need more than 5 RTS channels, you can add more Mylinks to the system at any time.

Can Somfy’s curtains be compatible with Apple Siri, Amazon Echo & Alexa?

Yes, Somfy IRISMO series is compatible and can work with Apple Siri, Amazon Echo and Alexa. Though, it will need an integration device to connect them with each other. Depends on what type of command your smart things are on, it can be integrated by converting Z-wave to RTS. Unfortunately, Somfy does not sell the integration device with the Somfy IRISMO RTS 35, so you will have to purchase the Z-wave to RTS integration device externally. You can purchase this device on Lazada via our partner PTS technologies. Another solution is to convert the Somfy IRISMO RTS 35 into a common language that Alexa can understand. Have a look at the video for better insight on the compatibility.

What is the different between Tube NC 50 and Irismo 35RTS? Why is there almost half the price difference?

The Tube NC50 is actually slightly louder than the Irismo 35 RTS. However both product noise levels comply to the industry standards. The Irismo 35 RTS is able to function with the Somfy Tahoma smart device (which allows you to control the curtains using a smart phone) whereas the Tube NC50 is not compatible with a smart phone and hence you will be receiving only a remote control for that. The Tube NC50 is a cheaper alternative to the Irismo series for motorising your curtains.

The price quoted on the website is for one set of curtain motor with left and right side opening or just one side?

The prices online are for one track up to 6m. We can fabricate the tracks for centre opening or just one side opening. This would be decided if you opt for a free site survey, where our tech team will survey your house, and after your make your purchase.

Do the motors support close contact integration?

The current online version does support dry contact integration.

Does Somfy Irismo 35 RTS need anything to work with Tahoma One? If I already have a Fibaro HC Lite, can I integrate it with Tahoma One?

The Somfy Irismo 35 works directly with Tahoma One. We would help you set up / configure this. If you have a Fibaro HC, you could check with Fibaro on this. Our offer does not include integration with home automation system. However some home automation devices are able to to do and it is left to the home automation company to configure/set this up.

Can I use my Smart things to control Somfy Motors?

The motors uses a protocol called RTS, we have a device that can covert Zwave to RTS command. Depends on what type of command your smarthings is on, it is best if you check with your smartthings provider if it can be connected/paired with Zwave. We do sell the Zwave to RTS on Lazada, it is via our partners PTS technologies who could perhaps take your further questions on this topic.

What is the lead time for installation?

The lead time is 3 to 5 days after the consultation and confirmation of the measurements.