Why motorise
your curtains?



No need to pull on heavy or hard-to-reach curtains. No more cables to operate or strings that get tangled up! Relax and let the motors do the work for you.



Add class and elegance to your room by installing the Irismo motorised track for your curtains. With smooth quiet operation and favourite position memory, your room will be perfect every time.



At the touch of the remote button, your motorised curtains will automatically close whenever you want privacy.



Conserve energy by opening/closing your curtain at the press of the button to allow required amount of day light & manage the heat thereby resulting in efficiency in your air-conditioning and lighting needs.



Our myLinkTM app enables you to operate your motorised curtains anytime, anywhere. And Somfy motors integrate seamlessly into other home automation systems, creating the ultimate smart home.

myLinkTM app available on the App Store and Google Play.



Why choose Somfy?

Highest quality

Our 270 million customers around the world recognize our commitment to providing the best quality and value.

One package price

All the services mentioned earlier are included in the package price. You will not have to worry about spending more, because you won’t have to.

Full protection

All of our motors are backed by a full 5 year warranty. We’ve a full-fledged office and warehouse locally in Singapore that’s ready to support you.

Customized installation

To ensure a perfect fit to your windows, the new track that will be installed will be customized. If you are choosing a non-battery motor (Irismo 35), we will provide an electrical connection between the motor and nearest electrical point.

Final Installation

Our technicians will visit your home and complete the installation. You will then be able to enjoy convenience and elegance at the touch of a button.

Extensive experience

Our 40+ years of experience has led to over 450 active patents and 600+ standard approvals worldwide. We’ve been in Singapore since 1991 and have been committed to providing nothing but the best to our customers.

How do I Order?



Choose your preferred curtain motor from Somfy Store. Alternatively, you can also buy from Lazada or Q0010.



Somfy team will call you in 2-3 working days upon your purchase to schedule a house visit.



Our technicians will visit your house based on the schedule. We will evaluate your curtains,track and available electrical points. If the motor is not suitable, a full refund is guaranteed.



Based on the data collected, our technicians will build the curtain track according to your fittings in our warehouse and come back to your home for installation.

Somfy curtain motors & pricing

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